About NEM

NEM is a worldwide solution provider in the field of energy generation by means of ultramodern steam technology. As a matter of fact: we are the only one in the Netherlands and belong to the top 5 in the World. And we are quite proud of that! Accordingly, it is our ambition to be and stay competitive and innovative!

NEM specializes in Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and Industrial & Utility Boilers. By deploying a HRSG, our clients obtain considerable performance increases and less CO2 emission.

At NEM, the boilers and all of their components are not only designed to the smallest detail, but NEM also often supervises the assembly of the installation on site. What would that be if you imagine that our final product can be no less than thirty meters high, twelve meters wide, sixty meters long and can weigh up to approximately three thousand tons.

NEM has two different Business Units in the Netherlands. Furthermore one in the USA, the Middle East, Germany and a Pipingshop in Egypt . We have about 600 employees and all establishments feature the following departments:

  • Supply
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Project management & Construction
  • Quality Control

Besides, the departments HR, Communication, Finance, ICT and Marketing & Business Development are located at the head office in Zoeterwoude. (The Netherlands)

Interested in a technically advanced environment where innovation is the order of the day, without forgetting the opportunities of an international career?

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I can find my predilection for technique, entrepreneurship and other cultures at NEM every day


'Telling jokes in an other language is still difficult!


I travel a lot for my work, particularly to Asia. Respect is very important there. You learn to communicate more cautiously and that has enriched me a lot as a person'.