'Telling jokes in an other language is still difficult!

'During my Chemical Technology studies in Spain I participated in an exchange project. This obliged me to follow the last year of my education at the Delft Technical University. After graduating, I started looking for a job in the Netherlands. Through an employment agency I ended up at NEM. I am now working in the Hendrik Ido Ambacht business unit, which particularly focuses on modular HRSG systems. I started there about 2 years ago as a project engineer. By changing between the sales and the engineering departments, I got the hang of the basic knowledge of the product.'

'I currently work at the engineering department and in the project team for Vasillikos. The whole team is in an "office garden". Thanks to this way of working, I receive everything from other disciplines and I keep on learning every day from my colleagues. As a project engineer I have to know something about every discipline, because I design the basis of the boiler, but I also tie together the loose ends of all the other disciplines. That is why it is so important that my general knowledge is solid.'

'As in many technical companies, of course this is a bit of a man's world, but that is fine by my! It's fun and I work closely together with different colleagues. Besides, we all switch between different projects, which helps getting to know everyone very well. I recently started to work together with a Spanish colleague I get along with very well and I can tell jokes to in my own language. Telling jokes in an other language is still difficult!'

'NEM, in particular the Hendrik Ido Ambacht business unit, is not such a big company and that is what I like about it. There is very few or no mutual competition and that suits me well. There are plenty of opportunities within NEM to develop myself so that in the future I will be able to work on project increasingly more independently.'

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