‘I can find my predilection for technique, entrepreneurship and other cultures at NEM every day’

It may sound like a cliché, but every day at NEM is different. One moment you are behind your desk, the next moment you are on the plane on your way to one of our subcontractors. That is one of the main advantages of the international environment NEM operates in. And if you take a sufficiently flexible and studious attitude, you can learn heaps at NEM in a relatively short period of time.

During my Mechanical Engineering studies, I developed a fascination for the petrochemical and biofuel industry. During a preparatory training period in the United States and a graduation project in Malaysia, I was able to further develop my interest in these industries. Varying technique with entrepreneurship in an international setting is where my passion is. After my Mechanical Engineering studies, I intentionally made the choice to keep on studying. I first did the Business Administration programme and then the Strategic Management Master, both at the Rotterdam Erasmus University.

In July 2009, I started my traineeship at NEM. Standard traineeships are currently not offered by NEM. For me, that is a huge advantage, because in consultation with NEM you map out an itinerary which includes your own wishes and needs. In my case, the traineeship turned into a two year programme. During this period, I will hold various functions, complemented with both internal and external training opportunities. By means of intermediate evaluations and personal experience, it is always possible to fine-tune the established itinerary. This extent of flexibility is an extra challenge for me to follow a trainee programme at NEM.

My current function is Subcontracting Coordinator. One of the Subcontracting Coordinator's tasks is to attentively keep an eye on all manufacturing processes. This is where my predilection for technique completely flourishes. NEM develops a fantastic product. Each time I am with subcontractors, I am amazed by what we actually make. A 'boiler? Is made up of thousands of parts. Supplying all of this timely and qualitatively according to the NEM standard is crazily smart. When I subsequently see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together "in situ", it really gives a special feeling. Another task a Subcontracting Coordinator has is maintaining all direct contacts with suppliers. I am responsible for the progress of the contract and due to that, I am also the contact point within the organisation. The fun thing about this is that I get to deal with many different departments and disciplines. This is how I got to know many colleagues at NEM in a tearing rush.

NEM is an organisation where people work hard, where passion and inspiration are omnipresent and where a lot of knowledge and experience can be found. There is an open culture; everything is discussable and you can easily knock on someone's door for any questions or remarks. My experience is that everyone is willing to teach me, as a starter, the different disciplines of the department. 

Apart from the daily activities, there are also plenty of extra activities at NEM. An example of this is the recently started Young NEM, an initiative by and for young NEMers, with the aim of exchanging knowledge, among other things. At the same time, it is also a nice way of getting to know other young colleagues from the different business units in a different setting. NEM also offers active sports, such as training with your colleagues for the running events in Leiden and Enschede sponsored by NEM.
I've been working at NEM for half a year now and during this period I've learned insanely much. Every day, there are new challenges and opportunities, which enables me to keep on developing myself. As for the remaining part of my trainee programme, I really feel like doing it!

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